The DLGs


delagarzasWe are high school sweethearts from Southern Maryland married in December 2010, now living in Los Angeles. We started our family with the sweetest pup, Diesel, and are excited to welcome the littlest DeLaGarza due to arrive in September 2014.

We have created this blog to keep our friends and family near and far updated with the progress of little Luca in anticipation of his birth and life with HLHS.

How can you help right here and right now? Pray. Then, pray some more. We appreciate the love and support we have received from everyone.

3 thoughts on “The DLGs

  1. AJ & Megan,

    I’m late to hearing the news about Luca but I stumbled on your blog and read through each post to catch up. From what I’m seeing it looks like you’re receiving an overwhelming response of love, support, and most importantly prayer. God is so good!

    A little background on us… My wife, Amanda, was the soccer player and I’m just a sports lover. My wife and some of our friends turned me on to soccer leading up to and during the 2010 World Cup. Safe to say that an early morning game against Algeria, a crowded bar, and an extra time Landon goal had me hooked. Since 2011, we’ve been season ticket holders and enjoyed every minute of that experience. My wife is 5’2″ and played left DF so she has always appreciated AJ’s grittiness near her position. We got married in 2012 and last October welcomed our son, Isaiah, into this crazy world! Those first nine months of pregnancy were adventurous and event-filled and the nine months that have followed have brought us great joy. God continues to overwhelm us with how He reveals his love for us in such a tiny person. My wife is a special education teacher and I’m a youth minister at a Catholic Church in Whittier. Your faith in God during this journey that you’re on is inspiring to both of us.

    We would like to invite you to join us at our church one Sunday evening. It would be an honor for our community to pray over both of you and baby Luca. If this is something you are open to just let us know. In the meantime, be assured of Amanda and my prayers for the three of you.

    Jason, Amanda & Baby Isaiah

  2. I’ve loved Galaxy for life (My #1 MLS team<3)
    So I wanted to say congrats on baby Luca! I know life for him may be a battle, but I know he'll make it through whatever life brings to the table! He truly is a fighter && with the parents he has! I mean who couldn't ask for better parents then yu guys ^.<
    (I would love to help spread awareness as well, however idk if I can get a shirt made or if it is copyrighted)
    Baby Luca will forever be in my thoughts, heart,&& prayers!
    I know he will be home with yu guys before yu even know it ((("
    ❤ God Bless

  3. Lord Jesus I lift up this precious baby to You. Heavenly Father you allowed this precious child life. Heal this baby, Lord. You are doctors of all doctors. I ask that you extend Your Almighty Powerful Right Hand over this child and heal him Lord. Work a wonderous miracle in this family’s life Lord so that they may testify of your love and mercy. I pray that you give the parents strength, comfort their soul Lord. Place a peace in the parents heart. In Jesus Most Holy Precious Name I pray. Amen

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