Ronald McDonald House Los Angeles

larmhWe were fortunate to stay at the Ronald McDonald House when Luca was born.  Though the hospital was only 37 miles from our home, the LA freeway traffic was never predictable, much like Luca’s stability.

The Ronald McDonald House is just a block away from the hospital. The rooms are setup much like a hotel with two beds and a bathroom. There was a large kitchen area with several mini kitchen setups within.  There was a laundry room and separate refrigerators for breast milk and medicine. There was a computer lab, play rooms, extra tvs and outdoor spaces with grills.

More importantly, RMH provided more than just housing for our family. It was a supportive home away from home, and a community of people who understand the stress of caring for a critically ill child.

Please consider funding the LA RMH or even your own local RMH. There are lots of ways to help. You can donate your time, money, resources, supplies, etc. We can promise you that people like us are eternally grateful for such a resource.


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