Our mission is simple: to live with our whole hearts in honor of our sweet Luca, our son who was born with just half a heart. We want to raise awareness and funds for those with congenital heart defects. We want to provide encouragement to parents who’s babies are newly diagnosed. We want to use our platform to demonstrate that faith can carry us through even our heaviest days.

For Luca today, today and always.

1 thought on “Mission

  1. Thank you for raising awareness. I’m the mother of Aleah, who has Restrictive Cardiomyopathy. I remember watching your story unfold on tv, I hurt for you as I was at the time pregnant with my son. Aleah then got diagnosed in 3/18/2015 and my son was born 3/22/2015. It’s truly amazing what your doing and the way your honoring your son.

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