I was flipping through some old pics over the last two years and found the before and after shots of that bikini competition I did (fitness, not Hooters 😉 ). First of all, woah. Second of all, isn’t it crazy what a difference 6 months or a year can make? They always say nothing worth having comes easy, and I think that’s definitely the truth when it comes to fitness. 

I took weekly pictures to send to my coach and though the small changes weren’t necessarily easy to see in the mirror, they were evident in the side by side comparisons. And when I finally reached my goal of competing, the final before and after results were noticeable and quite obvious in the mirror. But the side by side comparison of the before and after was crazy and not even necessary. I didn’t even look like the same person.

So back to flipping through my old pics.  I came across this family pic we took on September 4, 2013 (at 5pm on the dot to be exact):


So I immediately searched for another family pic from September 4, 2014 (at 5:22pm to be exact): 


Two pictures that are exactly one year and 22 minutes apart. What a difference.  Like my fitness pictures, this comparison is crazy. We don’t even look like the same people.

I bet if I compared pics of us from September 2013 to, I don’t know, February 2014, things look different, but not very noticeable, much like my weekly comparison fitness pictures. 


We look happy and all is well.

Fast forward a few months to July 2014. You don’t really need a side by side comparison to see the difference, much like my monthly fitness picture comparisons.


We still look happy but that belly is in large and in charge, and the pregnancy secret is long out.

And then September 2014. Things are noticeably different. No comparison pictures are necessary to see the change (but here’s one to make a point). The difference is crazy and we don’t even look like the same people.  


What a difference a year made.

I said something about anything worth having not always coming easy. That also goes for a sense of peace, a desire to get out of bed each day, the acceptance of support. The list goes on and on. 

Here’s the difference 6 months make. Still happy, thankfully healthy, but definitely different. Changed.


I am anxious to see what our pictures might look like in September 2015, one whole year later. And I wonder if we’ll need a side by side comparison to see the difference.

3 thoughts on “#TransformationTuesday

  1. That’s why I love my Timehop app. It’s nice to go back and see how things have changed over 1,2,5 years. I used to hate my “before” pictures, but being almost 40 lbs lighter I love putting them next to my “now” pictures to motivate me to keep going. And you’re right if it’s worth having it definitely won’t come easy…especially in fitness. So so so much work and sacrifice is needed.

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